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Smart Tanning Tips

Wear protective eyewear.
Whether indoors or outside, always wear protective eyewear when exposed to direct UV light. Protective eye wear is required by law and can be purchased at Hollywood Tan.

Take it slow.
You will not achieve the perfect tan overnight and overexposure will only hinder the results you want to see. At HT our Smart Tan certified experts will help you determine what amount and strength of UV works best with your skin type. Based on this information we will supply you with a suggested session schedule for optimal tanning results.

Apply an indoor tanning lotion.
Indoor tanning lotions help achieve a quicker, darker, longer-lasting tan, as well as hydrate your skin. Never use baby oil or outdoor tanning lotions when using an indoor tanning system as they will interfere with the tanning process and damage the equipment.

Use sunscreen.
When outdoors, use sunscreen to avoid risk of overexposure. Various conditions such as time of year, time of day, weather conditions, altitude and reflective surfaces make outdoor tanning unpredictable and increase the chance of sunburn.

Be aware of possible interactions between prescription medications and UV exposure.
Some prescription medications and UV exposure do not mix. If you are taking any photosensitizing medications do the necessary research to find out what side effects they might have on your skin.

Always moisturize between sessions to maintain your golden glow and to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.
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